• A routine Medical Check up is made after every 15 days for every resident of Debrup Nibas. In case of a vital treatment essential and permitted by the Authorities after consultation with the residentís relatives, the entire fee of thetreatment will have to be bome by the resident.
  • In case of a private attendant (male/female) essential and be used by the resident, all costs will have to be borne by the resident.
  • Any emergency arising for the patient to be shifted tothe hospital, the authorities are not bound to consult the relatives ofthe concerned resident and it is mandatory for all costs to be borne by the resident. In case of the residentís inability to provide the expenses required for his treatment, the necessary money will be spent from his deposit/fund with the Home Authorities and subsequently the fund needs to be replaced by the resident.


  • Daily/Weekly newspaper is organized for each resident
  • A LCD TV, is provided in the room of each resident
  • A sound box is provided in the room of eachresident to hear spiritual songs.
  • Arrangement for a few in-door games.
  • Organizing for different kinds of social activities to be held occasionally.
  • Library for the residentís use.
  • Tours/Tripsareplanned and organized according to the healthof the resident.
  • Each resident is given the libertyto use T.V., Tape Recorder, Mobile Phone accordingto his own need and in such cases the cost of a unit of the Electric bill needs to be borne by the resident.
  • In case, the resident needs to go outside the complex for marketing or for any other purpose, all necessary costs including conveyance charges have to be borne by the resident.


  • Each resident is supplied with the following at the beginning of every every month :
    • Coconut oil
    • Soaps
    • Shampoo
    • Tooth Paste
    In case a resident prefers to use other brand cosmetics of his/her choice, the differential cost will have to be made by the concerned resident.
  • Weekly arrangements are made for male residents for hair cutting and shaving and in case of ladies, hair dressing and manicure are granted once in every month.


  • Weekly changing of bed sheets and pillow covers
  • Two sets of clothes for daily use of the residents (male/female) will be arranged once in a week.
  • If any additional laundry arrangement is necessary for any resident, an extra cost will have to be paid by the saidresident.
  • In case of family members/friends of the residents of DebrupNibas, arrangements aremade for fooding& lodging at an additional necessary cost and that which is latercompensated by the resident asdecided by the Authorities, daily-wise.


  • Area of a room 10ft/10ft with attached bathroom 4/6í. Single bed size 3/7í and that of a double bed 5/7í. Residents are provided with one mattress, one bed cover, one pillow and one side pillow for a single bed room and one mattress, one bed Cover, two pillows and two sidepillows for a two bed room.
  • 24 hrs availability of electricity & water.
  • Arrangement of hot water in the lavatory
  • The room also has two light points, a fan point, a plug point and a TV point