The Person Who Has Dreamt Big..g..g

Tapas Pal, born on 15th January, 1977 in a small mud hut beside Saraswati Mandir, hails from a remote village in Bolpur, Ukilpatty. His father, Sri Tapan Paul and his mother Smt. Mahamaya Pal earned their livelihood by stitching and a small fruit business. The family of three members had terribly hard time to manage two ends meal by the little daily wage. Tapas's mother's sewing enterprise enabled them to earn their livelihood with dignity and further facilitated Tapas with his education. Despite the fact of Tapas's association in his father's business, he excelled in his studies and in 1994 he passed his Class XII under the West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education. Tapas further enrolled in Surendranath Law College, Kolkata for 5 years and throughout the first 3 years of his College Life, his abode was at his Uncle's house in Rishra, Hooghly where he stayed with his Grandmother Lakhirani Pal..He earned a Law degree in 1999 and started his Private Law Practice as a Lawyer on the 28th April, 2000.

Tapas Pal's tenure in the legal business had given him the opportunity to interact with various people that gave him a great head-start in his business. He gained a lot of knowledge and new experiences in his interactions with the different kinds of people - some which have added value to his life while some have not! In life we all face challenge and experience ups and downs along the way and we just have to move on to earn our livelihood. The business did not get off the ground and he tried hard to purchase some land with the little fund that he could save and sell it off at a higher rate in order to save some more money and carefully keep it aside. Hence saving up this amount was a big deal for him!!

Tapas tied the marital knot with Payel on 15th January, 2005 and after completing 4 years 3 months of happy married life, they were blessed with their only son Debrup on 29th April, 2009. The Pal couple have always dreamt of building up a place where humanity, love, respect, and harmonious relationship dwells. Debrup Nibas guarantees home away from home, for Senior citizens for their dignified living after retirement, a place with "friends" full of love and respect and honesty and humanity and with no conflicts, confusion or chaos.

Honesty, hard work and years of continuous perseverance has rewarded Tapas and his wife of fulfilling their dreams to set up "Debrup Nibas Old Age Home". The total area of this old age home comprises of 1 bigha and having a capacity of about 50 beds (planning to raise capacity upto 50 in the near future). Currently under construction with 15 residents.

Tapas Pal and his wife Payel promises to lead and further extend the Nibas in close cooperation and support by the Residents and Authorities of Debrup Nibas.